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泰国NIC IVF生殖中心

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泰国NIC IVF生殖中心

泰国NIC IVF生殖中心

NIC IVF 生殖中心是由Matchuporn玛祖教授(博士生导师)和Warawun瓦拉婉博士(研究生导师)带领一群在辅助生殖和遗传基因学领域有着丰富经验的医生和科研人员共同成立。前期医生会充分了解每一位患者不同的诉求和身体状况,然后针对每个患者制定个性化因人而异的诊疗方案,在相互配合、信任、愉快的气氛中,实现每个家庭生儿育女的心愿。为了每个患者的成功,除了常规的基因和辅助生殖技术外,NIC还提供了多种的的医疗技术,具体如下。

NIC IVF clinic is established by Assistant Professor Dr. Matchuporn Sukprasert, Dr. Warawun Lupthalug and experienced medical technicians whose specialties revolve around genetic and reproductive medicine. In order to accomplish our patient goal, we firstly emphasize our understanding in each patient. This enab us not only to treat each patient difficulty properly but also to fulfill each family requirements pleasurably (PATIENT). In addition to general clinical practices found in common IVF facilities, we convey our passion through special medical techniques. This is to provide the best suitable remedy specifically for each case. These techniques are as of followings.


泰国NIC IVF生殖中心

Macs 辅助生殖优选精子分离技术

Macs 是一种辅助生殖优选精子分离技术。这项技术能够在受精前,通过激活的凋亡信号(死亡细胞)分离出优质活力的精子。这项技术与传统的精子分离技术比,极大的提高了试管的成功几率。้
This is a technology that optimizes sperm separation in assisted reproduction. It helps separating sperm with activated apoptosis signaling (dead cell) before entering fertilization process. This results in enhanced clinical pregnancy rate comparing to an old technique which cannot distinguish the sperm.

泰国NIC IVF生殖中心

This technique allows the visualization of sperm that contains highly degraded DNA compared to other sperm. It is a fast, simple and cost-effective method that provides an IVF doctor to examine sperm DNA fragmentation easily. Therefore
the good quality sperm selection could be obtained for a fertilization process. This could increase a fertilization rate and embryo implantation rate accordingly.

泰国NIC IVF生殖中心

ERA 针对子宫内膜容受性状态的基因检测技术
ERA 是一项独特的针对子宫内膜容受性状态的基因检测技术,这项技术针对每个移植患者不同状况并结合女性不同的生理周期,检测评估出患者移植前期子宫内膜接受胚胎植入的较佳状态,从而推断出一个准确的合适的移植时间。ERA检测可以精确的安排每对夫妻的移植时间,并极大程度的提高胚胎移植成功几率和妊娠率。

ERA is a genetic test that evaluates the state of endometrial receptivity, which is the optimal time for embryo transfer. It diagnoses the time that a uterus is ready to receive the embryo. Since implantation period for each woman is different. The ERA test enab us to personalize embryo transferring time for each couple accurately. This greatly increases a chance of successful embryo transfer rate and pregnancy rate.

泰国NIC IVF生殖中心

Spindle view技术
Spindle view技术是通过高倍的智能电子显微镜,胚胎师在进行单精子注射受精(ICSI)时,能够清晰的看到卵子纺锤体,从而避免伤害并保护了卵子纺锤体。这项技术让胚胎师从传统的通过个人经验上的判断纺锤体位置,提升到可以直观的看到纺锤体位置,避免伤及卵子纺锤体,从而极大提高了卵子受精率和优质胚胎率。
This computerized high power microscope technology enab a doctor or an embryologist to see spind of retrieved eggs when performing Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). This is to avoid corrupting the egg spind when injecting sperm cell into the egg. Therefore, a successful chance of fertiliza- tion becomes higher comparing to one without Oosight technique which the doctor or embryologist can perform the ICSI procedure merely from educated guess.

泰国NIC IVF生殖中心

Preimplantation Genetic Testing for monogenic disease (PGT-M): The PGT-M are created uniquely for each family or each fertile couple who has a risk of transmitting a genetic
disorder to their offspring. The genetic disorder includes, for example, Thalassemia, Huntington disease, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Hemophilia and etc. This exceptional technique must be solely performed by a doctor who is a specialist and graduated from Reproductive Genetic. One of our clinic team, Assistant Professor Dr. Matchuporn Sukprasert is the first doctor in Thailand who graduated in this particular field. She was a fellow from Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University, New York, United states. She and our scientists are ready to consult willingly with any couple who is possibly related to monogenetic diseases.

泰国NIC IVF生殖中心

This is a testing technique that screens all 24 chromosomes or whole-genome human sequencing in the least amount of time. This particular method, when applied to pre-implantation process, allows a doctor or scientist to select only embryos with a normal chromosome profile to transfer. This could yield to a higher chance of effective pregnancy rate comparing to Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) technique which is able to screen only 5 pairs of chromosomes.

Furthermore, our operating room and laboratory are certified as CLASS 1000 cleanroom. This is the cleanest level for an IVF process and highly preferable compared to regular IVF clinics. Together with all advanced techniques prescribed previously, this ensures that we always practice our treatment in an exceptional modern laboratory and utmost environment. Since our goal is to obtain an effective curing process and optimize a pregnancy rate (PASSION). Because we all strongly believe that healthy children will complete your family which is an important foundation to achieve strong and quality society (POSSIBILITY).
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